Human-Centered Design in Medical Devices

December 7, 2023


In this insightful episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, host Etienne Nichols engages with Morven Shearlaw, co-founder of Fearsome, in a thought-provoking discussion on the essence of human-centered design in medical devices.

Delve into the importance of understanding user needs beyond surface-level assumptions and learn how Fearsome's approach to product development is setting new standards in MedTech. 

From Glasgow's design desks to global market impacts, this episode is a deep dive into making MedTech better by truly connecting with the end-user experience.

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Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • The Pitfalls of Premature Solutions: Morven emphasizes the need for extensive user understanding before jumping to design conclusions, challenging the common industry haste to offer solutions.
  • The Evolution of Fearsome: Morven shares the growth story of Fearsome from a broad design firm to a specialized MedTech developer, emphasizing the value of a diverse industry background.
  • The Nuances of Usability: The conversation reveals the stark differences between consumer product design and medical devices, particularly the rigorous safety and risk management requirements in MedTech.
  • Defining the User: A deep dive into identifying the 'user' in medical device design, considering all stakeholders, from clinicians to patients and even those involved in device maintenance.
  • Real-world Feedback and Its Impact: Morven recounts a powerful anecdote where candid feedback from clinicians significantly redirected a product's development path.
  • The Risk and Reward of Human Factors: An exploration of how human factors, beyond safety, can become a competitive edge and a catalyst for enjoyable product experiences.
  • Regulatory Hurdles and Human-Centered Design: A critical look at the intersection of regulatory standards and human-centered design, advocating for earlier and more integrated human factors consideration.


Memorable quote:

"Quality management is about quality, it's not just about proving that you can sell in the market because you've got a certain certification." - Morven Shearlaw 

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