How Communication Affects the Outcomes of Quality Activities

February 22, 2023


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Why do quality professionals struggle with clear communication in writing? What’s the problem with jargon? These are some of the questions explored in today’s podcast.

Joining the show this episode is Lesley Worthington. Lesley has 20 years of quality and regulatory experience in medical devices, and she uses that experience to work with individuals and teams to fine-tune their quality conversations, initiatives, and internal communications with the goal of creating more and better understanding of the role and concepts of quality assurance in organizations.

Listen to the episode to hear Lesley’s take on how communication affects the outcome of audits, impacts the lives of quality professionals, and the common communication pitfalls Lesley sees in organizations.

Listen now:

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Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Why writing to be understood is difficult for quality professionals

  • Whether it’s possible to get completely away from jargon

  • Common pitfalls that Lesley has seen

  • The length of attention spans and how reading and writing have changed

  • The importance of reading, including fiction

  • What audits mean for communication and writing

  • Fear of writing differently from the way it’s always been done

  • Lesley’s LinkedIn game and how she keeps up with all the writing

  • Other important points that Lesley covers when teaching

  • Embracing the haters

  • Making sure that everyone has the same vision

  • Letting down your guard


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Memorable quotes from Lesley Worthington:

“It’s not just about sounding different; it’s about the science of how we sound and how we read.”

“The clearer your writing is, the more likely the reader will be to think that you know what you’re doing.”

“Sometimes when things get really technical and really complex and really high-level, people lose the thread.”

“The purpose of regulations are completely different from the purpose of procedures in your organization.”

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