Fundamentals of Quality & Regulatory

January 18, 2024


In this episode, we delve into the complexities and essentials of quality and regulatory roles in the medical device industry.

Our esteemed guest, Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor, CEO and founder of JMT Compliance Consulting, shares her wealth of experience from top MedTech companies, underscoring the importance of proactive quality management, project management skills, and the ability to influence and communicate within organizations.

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MedTech Trends:

  1. An emphasis on proactive quality management to ensure patient safety and product efficacy.
  2. The rising importance of human factors and user-centered design in medical device development.
  3. The shift towards integrating software and digital solutions in medical devices.

Practical Tips:

  1. Quality and regulatory professionals should hone their project management skills.
  2. Communication and storytelling are key in influencing business decisions and leadership.
  3. Always present solutions and alternatives when addressing compliance challenges.

Key Timestamps:

  • [00:00:50] Introduction to Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor and her extensive background in the MedTech industry.

  • [00:03:30] Jennifer's origin story in quality and regulatory roles.

  • [00:07:15] The pivotal learning moments in quality management and regulatory affairs.

  • [00:10:45] Strategies for influencing business leaders and the importance of storytelling in quality and regulatory roles.

  • [00:16:30] The significance of human factors in product design and learning from end-user feedback.

  • [00:21:50] Project management skills for quality and regulatory professionals.

  • [00:25:20] The concept of 'design freeze' in the MedTech space and its impact on product development.

  • [00:29:55] Jennifer's insights on agility and adaptability in building a quality management system.


Memorable quotes:

  • "A really good quality and regulatory professional needs to have really good project management skills." - Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

  • "It's not just about the design and about the product. It's about everything ancillary that feeds into that finished medical device." - Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

Questions for the Audience:

Discussion: "How do you envision MedTech changing the landscape of healthcare in the next decade?"


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