Essentials of Sterilization for Med Device Professionals

January 25, 2023

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What tools do sterilization engineers need the most? What’s the difference between sterilization modalities? Those are some of the points that our guest will be talking about in today’s conversation.

Laura Maher previously appeared on the podcast to talk about UDI, and now she’s here to talk more about sterilization. Laura is a Medical Device Guru at Greenlight Guru and is a self-proclaimed sterilization enthusiast.

Listen to the episode to learn what Laura has to say about Gamma vs. EO, new modalities recognized by the FDA, and the sterility pitfalls Laura has experienced or heard of.

Listen now:

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Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Different types of sterilization

  • Different sterilization modalities

  • Choosing gas vs. radiation

  • Tools of the sterilization trade

  • What to do when you have dose audit failure

  • What “too numerous to count” means

  • Sterility pitfalls


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Memorable quotes from Laura Maher:

“Biology is my main passion with chemistry kind of like behind it.”

“People will talk your ear off about sterility all day, which is super fun.”

“Packaging is a huge component of sterility because it IS your sterile barrier.”

“If you have a chance to see a Gamma source, take it. It is really cool.”

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Etienne Nichols is a Medical Device Guru and Mechanical Engineer who loves learning and teaching how systems work together. He has both manufacturing and product development experience, even aiding in the development of combination drug-delivery devices, from startup to Fortune 500 companies and holds a Project...

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