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Today Jon Speer and Mike Drues are going to be discussing general wellness devices. Mike is the president of Vascular Sciences, and he’s a guru on all things regarding compliance and medical device development. General wellness device development is relevant right now because they’re so popular and widely used in today’s health-conscious population. It’s important to understand what a general wellness device is, when it becomes a regulated medical device, and how the two are different when it comes to FDA regulation.


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Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • The FDA’s definition of a general wellness device, as well as Mike’s simpler definition.
  • What makes a wellness product low-risk, and what “low-risk” really means when it comes to both causing harm and the potential for providing incorrect information.
  • How to know if you’ve crossed a line with your wellness device and actually need to classify your product as a regulated medical device. Mike also gives examples to paint the difference more clearly.
  • How marketing a wellness device as a 510k can be beneficial for label expansion purposes, as well as how marketing it first as a wellness device can improve the 510k process -- with a caveat as to how to handle the submission.
  • The importance of prudent engineering with wellness devices; the lack of regulation is not an excuse to cut corners or take shortcuts. 


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Vascular Sciences


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You can’t make a claim that you’re preventing or treating a disease... but you can do so in a more subtle way.

My definition of a wellness product is a product with weak medical claims.

To separate usability from risk makes absolutely no sense.

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