Creative Clinical Recruitment

June 13, 2024

#373-Creative Clinical Recruitment

In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, host Etienne Nichols, along with part-time co-host Stephanie Hinton, dives into the art of clinical trial recruitment with Dr. Kelly Palmer, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Palmer shares her extensive experience and innovative strategies for overcoming recruitment challenges, emphasizing the importance of community engagement, tailored approaches, and flexibility.

The discussion highlights how to recruit diverse populations, manage logistical complexities, and ensure participant engagement, ultimately enhancing the success of clinical trials.

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Key timestamps

  • [00:02] – Introduction by Etienne Nichols
  • [00:52] – Introduction of Dr. Kelly Palmer by Stephanie Hinton
  • [03:15] – Kelly Palmer’s background and approach to recruitment
  • [06:45] – Strategies for effective participant recruitment
  • [12:30] – Building relationships with community organizations
  • [18:00] – Overcoming practical challenges in clinical trials
  • [26:45] – Using technology for data capture and improving efficiency
  • [36:10] – Stories of recruitment challenges and solutions
  • [45:00] – Key takeaways and advice for clinical trial professionals

Top takeaways from this episode

  1. Community engagement is crucial for successful recruitment in clinical trials.
  2. Leveraging technology can streamline data capture and reduce errors.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability are key to managing logistical challenges in research.

Practical tips for MedTech professionals

  1. Develop strong relationships with community organizations to build trust and facilitate recruitment.
  2. Implement electronic data capture systems to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Always have backup plans for logistics and be prepared to pivot quickly.

MedTech 101

  • Clinical Trial Recruitment: The process of enrolling participants into clinical trials, crucial for gathering data to test the efficacy and safety of new medical devices or treatments. Effective recruitment strategies ensure diverse and representative sample sizes, enhancing the reliability of study outcomes.

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC): A digital system for collecting and managing clinical trial data in real-time, reducing errors associated with manual data entry and improving data accuracy and efficiency.


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Memorable quotes from this episode

  • "Recruitment is not just about numbers; it's about building trust and relationships within the community." - Dr. Kelly Palmer
  • "Think outside the box and always track your efforts to understand what works best." - Dr. Kelly Palmer
  • "In research, you have to be flexible and ready to adapt to the needs of your participants." - Stephanie Hinton

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