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How is an Advance membership different?

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Team Visibility 

See course activity for all Advance members on your team with our new team memberships. Got an audit coming up? All course completions and certifications are available whenever you need them. Create a learning culture at your organization by highlighting achievements and promoting team discussions based off of our content. 

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Learning that scales

You're busy growing your business, so let us scale your MedTech education resources! Team members can earn badges and course certificates that will not only help your company pass audits and inspections but will drive the safety and effectiveness of your devices to a new standard. We've even made it easier to purchase professional certifications by bundling them with your membership.


Easy Onboarding

New team members? No sweat! Let GG Academy handle the medical device training and accelerate your new hires' contributions to the business. Knowing that everyone on your team is on the same page with important topics from Risk Management to CAPA processes is a peace of mind you can't put a price on.


Advancing your MedTech career just got easier!


More on-demand courses! We're adding almost 100 more for members only. 

a43f6224-greenlight-checkmark-teal_02w02s02s02s002000 Free comprehensive and bite-sized training on numerous QA/RA and product development topics.
a43f6224-greenlight-checkmark-teal_02w02s02s02s002000 Industry best practices and actionable training from industry experts.


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Why learn with Greenlight Guru Academy?


Be equipped with the right tools and knowledge needed to progress as a quality and regulatory professional. 

Stay educated on industry regulations.

Get access to industry education all in one place in an easy-to-understand way to stay educated on industry best practices, regulatory information, and more.


Gain the skills necessary to design, develop and market safe and effective medical devices to grow your business. 

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Stay sharp. Learn from industry experts on the latest changes, regulatory requirements and best practices. 

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