Becoming an Advisor to a Medical Device Company

November 16, 2023


In this episode, we delve into the multifaceted aspects of advisory roles within medical device startups.

These discussions explore the nuanced differences between consulting and advisory work, the intricacies of the advisor-startup relationship, strategies for growth, and the delicate balance of equity and compensation in these roles.

Devon Campbell shares invaluable advice and experiences, focusing on mentorship, relationship-building, risk management, and navigating the challenges of the MedTech startup ecosystem.

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Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • The distinction between consulting and advisory roles, highlighting the long-term, relationship-focused nature of advisory work.
  • The critical role of experience and mentorship in guiding startups, enhancing their growth and success.
  • Strategies to transform challenges into opportunities, fostering innovation and resilience in the MedTech industry.
  • The importance of understanding and respecting employment contracts and avoiding conflicts of interest in advisory roles.
  • The necessity of due diligence and setting high standards in choosing companies to advise, to protect one's reputation.
  • The power of passive networking and the proactive seeking of advisors to fill knowledge gaps, especially in areas like quality systems.
  • Insights into equity and compensation in advisory roles, emphasizing realistic expectations and adequate self-compensation.
  • The value of accelerator programs like MassChallenge in connecting startups with experienced mentors and advisors.
  • The importance of risk management and the strategic formation of diverse advisory boards to provide multifaceted guidance.


Memorable quote:

"Having a board of diverse advisors can significantly enhance the quality of advice and direction for a startup." – Devon Campbell

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