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Greenlight Guru and Skipper BioMed together provide support services that allow startups to more effectively navigate the challenges of medical device development and get them to the clinic more rapidly. Greenlight Guru’s Medical Device Success Platform coincides with Skipper BioMed’s tailored technology development and business plan consulting services that allow startups to clearly strategize and execute their product development pathway.

Customers benefit from leading eQMS and the only pro bono preclinical research consultancy that supports specifically lung and pancreatic cancer technologies

Greenlight Guru and Skipper BioMed both have the same goal and mission: To improve the quality of life by helping med device companies and manufacturers get to market faster with less risk. The problem? Med device companies were forced to leverage outdated, industry-agnostic tools and inefficient resources

Greenlight Guru created the only Medical Device Success Platform (MDSP) in the industry, focused on quality, regulatory, and product development. With Greenlight Guru, there is a single source of truth accessible by both product and quality teams that streamlines collaboration and compliance, without stifling product development efforts.

Similarly, Skipper BioMed’s patient-centric mindset positions them to uniquely leverage resources and partnerships from academia, industry, and third-party organizations to give clients the personalized tools they need to translate their technologies into clinical practice.

Both Greenlight Guru and Skipper BioMed are helping early-stage medical device companies accomplish their goals with industry-exclusive resources and tools.