Greenlight Guru and SPK & Associates together provide medical device solutions that accelerate the delivery of life-changing devices.

Customers benefit from MedTech Lifecycle Excellence (MLE) Platform and leading Engineering & IT Services Company.

Greenlight Guru and SPK & Associates have the same goal and mission: improve the quality of life by helping med device companies and manufacturers get to market faster with less risk.

Greenlight Guru created the only Medical Device Success Platform (MDSP) in the industry, focused on quality, regulatory, and product development. With Greenlight Guru, there is a single source of truth accessible by both product and quality teams that streamlines collaboration and compliance, without stifling product development efforts.

SPK and Associates is a leading woman-owned Engineering & IT Services Company that serves product development teams. For 25 years, they have helped our customers harness technology to optimize engineering and attain their business goals. They understand the systems, processes, data and applications critical to successful product development, and dedicate themselves to helping you build, test, and release your products faster and better. Their core expertise covers four functional areas: Product Lifecycle Management (MCAD, PLM, PDM); Software Lifecycle Management (ALM, DevOps); Cloud for Engineering (Infrastructure, Security); Data Engineering and Analytics.

Both Greenlight Guru and SPK & Associates are looking to lower the risk for medical device manufacturing companies by providing the platform and leveraging the knowledge of years of work in the field.

The partnership presents medical device companies with an industry specific out of the box Medical Device Success Platform alongside SPK’s solutions in order to automate quality, regulatory, and product development.