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Greenlight Guru and Reed Tech together provide solutions to assist medical device companies to get to market faster and stay on market with less risk

Customers benefit from leading eQMS and Medical Device Unique Device Identification (UDI) management 

Greenlight Guru and Reed Tech have listened: medical device companies and manufacturers want to get to market faster, reduce risk and achieve compliance. The problem? How to overcome industry agnostic, inefficient tools and a growing list of regulatory data requirements.

Greenlight Guru created the only Medical Device Success Platform (MDSP), in the industry, focused on quality, regulatory, and product development. With Greenlight Guru, there is a single source of truth accessible by both product and quality teams that streamlines collaboration and compliance, without stifling product development efforts.

On a similar mission, Reed Tech supports the innovation ecosystem with SingleSource for Medical Devices, where Unique Device Identification (UDI) data is managed throughout the product lifecycle in a compliant SaaS environment, including scalability for additional volume and global health authorities. Reed Tech has active UDI channels for US FDA, China NMPA, South Korea MFDS and staging for EU EUDAMED. With subject-matter expertise in regulatory database requirements, Reed Tech serves that ‘last mile of support’ to meet compliance deadlines.

Both Greenlight Guru and Reed Tech are disrupting an industry to provide software tools built specifically for the medical device industry.  The alliance presents medical device companies with industry specific, specialized solutions in order to automate quality, regulatory, product development, and clinical data collection.

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