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Covid-19 has changed the funding landscape for medical devices

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It's more important than ever that startups have a plan to stand out from the crowd


A solid regulatory and product development plan continues to factor into who is getting the money

Early-stage deal...@3x

Early-stage deals

After seeing a decline in the number of early-stage deals for 9 straight quarters, Q2 2021 finally saw this number trending upward.

This is great news for medical device startups looking to get a "piece of the pie". Yes, a lot of deals are still going to larger, more established players, but this trend proves that investors are still willing to work with early-stage founders.

Funding rebounded...@3x

Total funding is up as well

A large increase in the amount of medical device funding in Q2 2021 could signal a rebound from the cautiousness of the pandemic. Yes, this is on the back of a few very large deals to big players, but it's still good news for the industry overall.  

So How do I get funding for my device?



What can you do to increase the chances of standing out to potential investors? We talked to experts who shared the best (and worst) things you can do while fundraising. 

Understand your timeline
Define your market path
Document your regulatory pathway
Network and educate yourself


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