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Discover methods for implementing and leveraging a robust document management system that will catapult the success of your organization and medical device.


Introduction to Design Controls

Learn the basics and best practices on how to start documenting design controls to your & implement a process that improves your medical device product development efforts.


Introduction to Risk Management

Gain the knowledge and insights to align with the latest version of ISO 14971:2019 and how to define and address risk management to design safer medical devices.




On-demand courses that allow you to move at your own pace. 

a43f6224-greenlight-checkmark-teal_02w02s02s02s002000 Free comprehensive and bite-sized training on numerous QA/RA and product development topics.
a43f6224-greenlight-checkmark-teal_02w02s02s02s002000 Industry best practices and actionable training from industry experts.


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Why learn with Greenlight Guru Academy?


Be equipped with the right tools and knowledge needed to progress as a quality and regulatory professional. 

Stay educated on industry regulations

Get access to industry education all in one place in an easy-to-understand way to stay educated on industry best practices, regulatory information, and more.


Gain the skills necessary to design, develop and market safe and effective medical devices to grow your business. 

Greenlight Guru Academy Instructors

Jon Speer



Jon is the founder of Greenlight Guru (quality management software exclusively for medical device companies) & a medical device guru with nearly 20 years of industry experience. 

  • Quality management, product development, and project management at Cook Inc., Theron Inc., and Maetrics LLC
  • Experienced in managing multiple projects and taking medical device concepts through development, regulatory submission, and to market
  • Expert in the design and implementation of FDA-compliant quality management systems
  • Contributor at MedCity News, Med Device Online, Quality Digest, QMed, and more
  • Host of the #1 most downloaded podcast in the industry, The Global Medical Device Podcast

Jesseca Lyons

Operations and Enablement Guru


Jesseca Lyons is an Operations and Enablement Guru at Greenlight Guru and a Mechanical Engineer by trade who loves working with cross-functional teams, including both engineering and non-engineering disciplines. She’s spent most of her career gathering and defining requirements for new product design and development in the medical device industry. She believes the best part of being an engineer and working at Greenlight Guru is that she can use her skills to help customers and make a positive impact in their lives.

  • Has worked with medical device companies in launching devices from initial concept through manufacturing and supply chain
  • Self-professed design controls junkie
  • Can’t say no to a good book or dark chocolate

Tom Rish

Manager, Medical Device Guru


Tom Rish is a Medical Device Guru Manager at Greenlight Guru who works with customers to utilize their QMS software to build safer products on expedited timelines. He is a Biomedical Engineer who began his career developing implant and instrument systems in the orthopedic industry. He enjoys helping customers successfully navigate regulations across the world as they bring life-changing technologies to market.

  • Extensive experience in medical device product development at Fortune 500 and small start-ups
  • Knows what it takes to get a QMS ready and through ISO 13485:2016 certification because he’s done it
  • Has traced his genealogy to England. We think he may own part of a castle.

Taylor Brown

Senior Medical Device Guru

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is a Senior Medical Device Guru, certified Lead Auditor for ISO 13485, and a card-carrying Quality Nerd. She got her start in the industry as a technical writer and quickly became an audit readiness and support specialist, traveling around the United States to establish ISO 13485 compliant quality systems. She enjoys working with customers to establish the right-sized eQMS while improving the quality of life.

  • ISO 13485 Lead Auditor
  • Prior to GG, responsible for maintaining medical device quality systems over 40 sites
  • A real pro at training customers on GG workflows and getting them going - FAST
  • Indoor cycling fanatic

Wade Schroeder

Medical Device Guru


Wade Schroeder is a Medical Device Guru at Greenlight Guru with a noticeable enjoyment of medical device product development processes. As an electrical engineer by trade, he began his career developing medical exam procedure chairs and later designing IVD devices. He has been a risk management enthusiast since the beginning and enjoys helping customers develop design processes that their team can be proud of and enjoy. He believes the best part of working with customers is helping them implement a culture of true quality within their team.

  • Has prepared many devices for 60601 certification
  • Electrical engineer with significant product development experience of medical devices, including IVD
  • Former University of Dayton cheerleader who enjoys college basketball
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